2017 Election

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Note: the following information should be considered only as a guide. It is not official election advice, endorsement or instruction.

Voters are asked to consider all the facts, conduct their own research and make an informed decision.

Save Our Spit Alliance accepts no liability for our guide to candidates. The guide is only pertinent to issues related to our organisation's aims and objects and does not consider the full spectrum of candidates' policies and histories. Information on this website is offered without warranty or condition. We do not endorse any single candidate and remind voters that it is their responsibility to conduct due diligence before voting for the candidate of their choice.

This guide is intended as one part of that comprehensive process.

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Assessment Criteria

1. Opposition to cruise ship terminal (CST) on Spit & Broadwater
2. Support a Community-led Masterplan for the Spit and Broadwater.
3. Adherence to 3 storey non-residential developments on unallocated crown-land on South-western Spit as per City Plan 2016
4. Support for changes to Local Government Act to bring back democratic operations of Local Govt. and return Mayoral role simply to 'Chair of the Board'.
5. Support for laws to ban developer political donations at State and Local Govt levels.
6. Investigation into GCCC expenditure, Mayoral overseas trips, RTI processes, redacted and hidden reports, delegated authority approvals and Councillor 'conflict of interest' protocols and developer donations.
7. Opposition to private/commercial/industrial developments north of Sheraton on East side of Spit and north of Seaworld on west side of Spit and on the Broadwater and its sand banks, foreshores and Islands.
8. Opposition to casinos and mega-resort developments on the Spit and Broadwater.
9. Opposition to the GCCC sale/lease/giveaway of Council assets including public open space, parks, lakes, waterways, islands and beaches.
10. Has consulted willingly, openly and with integrity in their dealings with the Gold Coast Community.

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Election 2017

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Candidate Party Status
Rowan Holzberger (ALP)        
Amin Javanmard (Greens)        
Robert Buegge (IND)        
Sam O'Connor (LNP)        
Ron Nightingale (IND)        


Candidate Party Status
Daniel Kwon (Greens)        
Peter Flori (ALP)        
Brendan Ball (One Nation)        
David Crisafulli (LNP)        


Candidate Party Status
Gail Hislop (ALP)        
Peter Burgoyne (Greens)        
Michael Hart (LNP)        


Candidate Party Status
Tayla Kerwin (Greens)        
Christopher Johnston (ALP) Pending..
Ronald Pigdon (One Nation) Pending..
Michael Crandon (LNP)        


Candidate Party Status
Georgi Leader (ALP)        
David Wyatt (Greens)        
Andrew Semple (IND)        
Jann Stuckey (LNP)        


Candidate Party Status
Meaghan Scanlon (ALP)        
Sally Spain (Greens)        
Sid Cramp (LNP)        

Mermaid Beach

Candidate Party Status
Joshua Blundell-Thornton (ALP)        
Mona Hecke (IND)        
Helen Wainwright (Greens)        
Ric Allport (IND) Pending..
Saraya Beric (IND) Pending..
Gary Pead (IND) Pending..
Ray Stevens (LNP)        


Candidate Party Status
Paul Taylor (ALP)        
Bill Sherwood (IND)        
Rod Duncan (Greens)        
Jill Pead (IND) Pending..
Bill Sherwood (IND) Pending..
Andrew Liddell (One Nation) Pending..
Ros Bates (LNP)        


Candidate Party Status
Judy Searle (ALP)        
Michelle Le Plastrier (Greens)        
Rick Flori (IND)        
Johan Joubert (Civil Liberties) Pending..
Rob Molhoek (LNP)        

Surfers Paradise

Candidate Party Status
Tony Walker (ALP)        
Scott Turner (Greens)        
Tylere Baker-Pearce (IND) Pending..
Chris Manly (IND) Pending..
John-Paul Langbroek (LNP) (LNP)        


Candidate Party Status
Luz Stanton (ALP)        
Tina Meni (Greens)        
Darrell Lane (One Nation) Pending..
Mark Boothman (LNP)